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House of Sohma -- the RPG [entries|friends|calendar]
House of Sohma -- the RPG! [[CLOSED]]

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Well, guys, ya knew it had to happen. [14 Apr 2006|09:08am]

[ mood | :( ]

This place is dead, guys.

I'm closing it down and putting House of Sohma to rest. I'm not blaming anyone, as I haven't been the best about activity myself, but it's obvious no one has the time/dedication/whatever for this RPG anymore.

Maybe this place will open up again sometime, maybe it won't, but for now...

Sayonara, HoS.

Hug a Sohma

Getting things in order. [26 Feb 2006|06:26am]

[ mood | modly ]

Okay, time to organize this RP since up to now the structure has been particularly weak.

Introducing the new OOC community, hos_ooc. Go join the community now, and I will validate your membership as soon as possible. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN AND FRIEND THIS COMMUNITY. IT IS NOT VOLUNTARY.

ALSO, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO REBEL AND NOT RP ON LJ, *Coughs at Aaya.* I have created hos_logs, for when you RP on AIM. Note: I don't care what you RP on AIM, POST A LOG!! It might end up being important later on. YES, YOU HAVE TO FRIEND THIS COM.

To that end, we are not RPing over AIM anymore. I have created the HoS Logs com just incase anyone forgets this rule, but all our RPing is to be done over LJ.

I'm going back and deleting all posts that have nothing to do with people leaving/joining the RPG and other important notices, such as RP logs between three or more characters. Please keep all questions limited to hos_ooc so that things will not get cluttered. That is what hos_ooc is for. All OOC questions, problems, fangirl moments and anything else that is not appropriate for house_of_sohma is to be placed in hos_ooc. Thanks.

Important: We are restarting the plotline. To that end, the decision to either make all your previous entries private or delete them lies in your hands. For the sake of any new members, I believe it would be best if any posts made before the beginning of February were not accessable. Thank you.

Also, reguarding RPing. The RP has been up and running for a while, but we have hit a large downtime with activity. Therefore, I am implementing a new "style" of RPing that will hopefully procure more activity and other such things.


The new format.Collapse )

Tagging someone.Collapse )

Tagging group events.Collapse )

I know some of you may not be very learn'd in the ways of LiveJournal. For that, I am going to make it very easy for you to friend people. If you need help updating or figuring something else out, please feel free to contact myself or any of the other moderators. We're here to help you have fun.


Now, as this RPG is going to require some interaction, we need to know where everybody is living. Yes, yes - I know pretty much everything is laid out in the manga, but not all of it. For example, where the fuck in the Estate do Haru and Momiji live? Do they live near eachother or far away? Does Ayame live above his shop or at the Estate? You get my point. For that, I'm going to make a list of where everyone lives. I'm listing the ones I remember from the manga, but if you find an error or want to change something, post back here with "Living Arrangements" in the subject of your comment.

Living Arrangements.Collapse )

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Lecture 31: Franklin D. Roosevelt - Into the Storm... [23 Feb 2006|04:49am]

[ mood | grrrr. ]

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. It's past Wednesday. You try having a schedule like mine where you do a million things each day and you come home, wanting a peaceful night's rest, only to have your crazy cat keep you up ALL night long so that you can't focus in school, your grades get shot to shit, and you're always in a bitchy mood. Lovely, isn't it. I don't think I've had a proper night's sleep in over two weeks. I'm gonna kill someonething.


The following people are being kept:

Akito angstakito.
Ayame dramatic_snake.
Haru harutehmoo.
Hatori eiennoyuki.
Kisa serenetiger.
Kagura __kagurasohma.
Kureno sohma_kureno.
Mayuko greatsenseimayu.
Shigure kuroiinu.
Shishou _kazuma_san_.
Tohru spring_appears.
Uotani n_doineed.
Yuki whiteprinceyuki.

The following people are on vacation *coughthanksforlettingmeknowcough* and therefore cannot reply, but need to reply as soon as they get back:

Ritsu ritchan_san.

The following people are byebye:

Hanajima hanasakichan.
Momiji sexygermanbunny.

What the fuck is auto-format html? Just leave things the way they are, LJ! *Grumble.*

Okay, I'm going to go do my history homework now. Any problems, send me an e-mail.

Hug a Sohma


[ mood | modlike XD ]

Okay, guys, I REALLY need to know. The RP is dying, and dying quickly. I really don't want to put it to rest so quickly.

How many of you are staying, and how many of you don't feel you have the time/dedication/etc for the RP? If you leave the RP, no one will take it personally against you or else I will hunt them down hurt them very much. BUT I'm also going to start being less lenient reguarding updating. The rules are to update at least once every two weeks - that's really not so hard, is it? No.

If you are going to STAY, you need to reply back here saying YES.
If you are going to LEAVE, you need to reply back here saying NO.

If you know people from the RPG in real life, please ask them if they plan on staying in the RP. I'm going to clean everything out, and if by next Wednesday you have not replied [either as yourself or as someone relaying the message], I'm going to assume that you are QUITTING and NOT RETURNING, and your place will become available to anyone who wants it. I will not give any extensions, as this lack of dedication has been an ongoing issue. I don't want to be a dictator, but if you guys want to stay in the RP then you need to actually do something. I know I haven't been the best with updating, but the first week of the new semestre is always crazy. It is now over.

So far, the only people who have replied back are:
Ayame dramatic_snake
Shigure kuroiinu
Uotani n_doineed
Akito angstakito
Haru harutehmoo
Kureno sohma_kureno
Hatori eiennoyuki
Mayuko greatsenseimayu


Yuki whiteprinceyuki*
Kagura __kagurasohma*
Shishou _kazuma_san_*
Ritsu ritchan_san
Tohru spring_appears
Hana hanasakichan
Momiji sexygermanbunny

Asterisks are for my own personal notes.

Repeat: LET ME KNOW BY NEXT WEDNESDAY OR LOSE YOUR SPOT. I hate having to be an ass reguarding this, but I refuse to let this RP die. If you don't have the time for the RP, then please let me know. If you are unsure, then I will hold your character for a week before I put him/her up for adoption.

You can reach me by:
-House phone [for those of you who have it.]
-AIM [lack of solitude]
-Y!IM [dielikegod]
-MSNIM [kyoeyAThotmailDOTcom]
-email [dielikegodATyahooDOTcom]

This post will be going in my personal LJ, so I expect a reply from everyone - whether or not you plan on staying.


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OMG FRESH MEAT. [07 Jan 2006|10:00am]

... I mean, we have a new player! *Coughhackchoke.*

Everyone please give a big hello to greatsenseimayu aka Mayuko!

Also, kuromegumi has left the RPG. Please remove the username from your friends list.
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THE CHRISTMAS PARTY [20 Dec 2005|05:01pm]

Okay, so Kyo knew that when he arrived at Shigure's house tonight, the place would be covered in decorations.
But he didn't think it would be this insane.

As he looked around,Collapse )

[ ooc: Okay guys, START THE PARTY!! ^__^ ]
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VERY IMPORTANT [12 Dec 2005|08:43pm]

The Christmas party is going to take place via thread. It will take place on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, AT 5:00PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. If you won't be available at that time, or are not sure, you NEED to post back here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that I can change the date. DON'T LINGER!!

List of Those in Attendance.Collapse )

In other news~~

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Christmas party? [10 Dec 2005|12:53pm]

Whoo, people are already updating!

Anyway, we're going to have a Christmas party here on the RPG. But what use is a party if no one can come? That being said, I need to know when you guys are available.

There are a number of ways we could go about this:
+ We could use an AIM chat like we did for Ayame's fashion show.
+ We could start a thread here on the main com and reply henceforth.
+ I could secure a JavaChat on a website.

Personally I recommend that we start a thread here. That way, if you're not there on the day the party starts, you can still come to the party. I'm not sure if a JavaChat would work the same way, and, well, we all know how wonky AIM can get sometimes. But make the decisions yourself! =)

If you're not sure whether or not you'll be able to attend, then don't worry. We'll figure something out.

Please post back here and let me know when you're available to RP, and also which method you would perfer. Once I have a fair amount of replies, I'll announce the date and the medium for the party.

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[21 Oct 2005|08:02pm]

[ mood | busy ]

The Fashion ShowCollapse )


Clarinet Rising - eiennoyuki - Hatori
WindyWolfy - dramaticsnake - Ayame
Yummy Lembas - kuroiinu - Shigure
AibyoukaKagura - __kagurasohma - Kagura
ChoKawaiiKoneko - angstakito - Akito
DivinExBlazE - spring_appears - Tohru
TheWheelerDeal - fireburnsorange - Kyo
Kat of Torrent89 - whiteprinceyuki - Yuki

XD I had to take this from Kyo. Edited the chat a little (grammer and the out of the RP stuff) ...you guys owe me for this...x.x...


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-mod post- [09 Oct 2005|01:49pm]

Okay ... just clearing some stuff up.

+counting_hiros, it's been over a week. So while I feel bad for having to say this, unless there is a post within the next three days, I'll have to cut your account from the com.
+uma_isuzu_souma has left the RPG because she's very busy with school clubs and stuff [for details, ask Kagura.]
+dramatic_snake is holding his fashion show next Saturday evening/night. Try to be on, guys. :D

That's all for now, folks!
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home movie night, pt2 [25 Sep 2005|06:58pm]

because AIM hates my soul...

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[mod post] [20 Sep 2005|02:20pm]

Okay, guys, I feel bad having to do this, but I want to keep this RPG active. Keep in mind, NOBODY IS BEING CUT RIGHT NOW. You are all still part of the RPG. Please READ THE ENTIRE ENTRY BEFORE YOU COMMENT ANYTHING.

The following people have been inactive over the past ten days and/or have not contacted me via AIM reguarding their inactivity:

+counting_hiros - you have one week to post.
[technically, Isuzu too, but Kagura said she'll talk to her, so that is why her name is not on this list.]

Please update soon or you might have to get cut. The rules are to update at least once a week, but I understand that with classes and everything, not all of us have that much time. But please make the effort, guys. I really don't want to cut anyone.
Hug a Sohma

Because I'm too lazy to do it on AIM. >/ [15 Sep 2005|08:16pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Who; Arisa.
What; Visiting Tohru.
Where; Shigure's house.

Call off the wedding band; nobody wants to hear that song again.Collapse )

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RP Thread [10 Sep 2005|06:32pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Mod Note: Because Shishou's AIM is protesting for whatever reason, Kagura, Shishou and I are doing an RP here on the com! *"gasp," "ooh," "ahh" cue cards pop up in background* I'm posting what Kagura and I have already RP'd, then it's a go!~


like the sun in the skyCollapse )

"But it was your birthday, so you had to come." Kyo pointed out as he watched the child Kagura sit at the head of the table, seething all the while. "Well, at least we got cake out of the whole deal..."

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[07 Sep 2005|08:29pm]

((And LJ hates me. XD Anyways, here is the second part of Day 8. ))

Participants: Akito(angstakito),Kyo(fireburnsorange) and Hatori(eiennoyuki)
Setting: The Main house
Genre: Don't Ask/Humor
Lenght: 7 pages, in word.

On to Day 8, part 2Collapse )
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Rp Log- Kyo's Punishment- Day 8, part 1 [07 Sep 2005|08:04pm]


(( Day 8 is a very very long day, therefore it was split in two. So the part 2 will be posted some minutes after this one. =3 Enjoy!! ))

Participants: Akito (angstakito ), Kyo (fireburnsorange )
Setting: The Main house
Genre: Don't Ask.
Lenght: 4 pages, in word.

On to day 8, part 1Collapse )

Hug a Sohma

Rp Log- Kyo's Punishment - Day 2 [05 Sep 2005|10:00pm]


((Yet another rp log ^__^ And yesterday, no da, this rp was finished, which makes it a total of 19 rp logs. o-o Waai! ^_^ You'll laugh at this Day of Kyo's punishment, I can assure you. ~OOCed Akito ))

Participants : Akito (angstakito ), Kyo ( fireburnsorange )
Setting: The Main House.
Genre: Don't ask/A bit of humor
Lenght: 4 pages, in word.

On to the Day 2Collapse )

Hug a Sohma

RP Log- Kyo's Punishment- Day 1 [04 Sep 2005|07:02pm]


((This is the first cleaned rp log out of many. Kyo and I still haven't finished rping those 2 weeks and we've got about 18 rp logs, uncleaned. At the log 10, we've got ourselves 14 Word pages of cleaned logs. o_O Enjoy ^_^ ~~OOCed Akito))

Participants: Akito (angstakito ), Kyo (fireburnsorange )
Setting: The Main house.
Genre: Don't ask.
Lenght: 2 ½  page in word.

On to the Day 1Collapse )

Hug a Sohma

OOC [22 Aug 2005|04:22pm]

[ mood | still slightly sick ]

Hello everyone, Yuki's RPer here with tidings of the Kyo-ness. (He called me about 10 minutes ago)

He doesn't like the place at all, but the girl he's bunking with is cool. He might get a little computer time (he's discovered a computer lab). He'll try to call me as often as possible, but all he has access to are pay phones and he doesn't know how many coins he has. He sends his love to you all.

Oh, and Ritsu: he says that the phone with your number in it is at home, so if he doesn't call you, it's not that he doesn't love you, he just doesn't have your number.

That's all for now; I'll try to keep you all updated.

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OOC: User Icons! [06 Aug 2005|06:32pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Ok, I have permission from the mod to post this here.

I'm offering to make user icons for any RPer who wants one of their character. You can give me general descriptions, pictures, text, whatever and I'll make an icon for you. I also have nearly 2,000 FB screencaps so if you don't have a pic, I WILL find one for you. Also, these icons will be yours. I will not post them anywhere else and you have every right to hunt down and torture people who steal them from you. So, if you want one, reply here. ^_^

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