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Lecture 31: Franklin D. Roosevelt - Into the Storm...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. It's past Wednesday. You try having a schedule like mine where you do a million things each day and you come home, wanting a peaceful night's rest, only to have your crazy cat keep you up ALL night long so that you can't focus in school, your grades get shot to shit, and you're always in a bitchy mood. Lovely, isn't it. I don't think I've had a proper night's sleep in over two weeks. I'm gonna kill someonething.


The following people are being kept:

Akito angstakito.
Ayame dramatic_snake.
Haru harutehmoo.
Hatori eiennoyuki.
Kisa serenetiger.
Kagura __kagurasohma.
Kureno sohma_kureno.
Mayuko greatsenseimayu.
Shigure kuroiinu.
Shishou _kazuma_san_.
Tohru spring_appears.
Uotani n_doineed.
Yuki whiteprinceyuki.

The following people are on vacation *coughthanksforlettingmeknowcough* and therefore cannot reply, but need to reply as soon as they get back:

Ritsu ritchan_san.

The following people are byebye:

Hanajima hanasakichan.
Momiji sexygermanbunny.

What the fuck is auto-format html? Just leave things the way they are, LJ! *Grumble.*

Okay, I'm going to go do my history homework now. Any problems, send me an e-mail.
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