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Getting things in order.

Okay, time to organize this RP since up to now the structure has been particularly weak.

Introducing the new OOC community, hos_ooc. Go join the community now, and I will validate your membership as soon as possible. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN AND FRIEND THIS COMMUNITY. IT IS NOT VOLUNTARY.

ALSO, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO REBEL AND NOT RP ON LJ, *Coughs at Aaya.* I have created hos_logs, for when you RP on AIM. Note: I don't care what you RP on AIM, POST A LOG!! It might end up being important later on. YES, YOU HAVE TO FRIEND THIS COM.

To that end, we are not RPing over AIM anymore. I have created the HoS Logs com just incase anyone forgets this rule, but all our RPing is to be done over LJ.

I'm going back and deleting all posts that have nothing to do with people leaving/joining the RPG and other important notices, such as RP logs between three or more characters. Please keep all questions limited to hos_ooc so that things will not get cluttered. That is what hos_ooc is for. All OOC questions, problems, fangirl moments and anything else that is not appropriate for house_of_sohma is to be placed in hos_ooc. Thanks.

Important: We are restarting the plotline. To that end, the decision to either make all your previous entries private or delete them lies in your hands. For the sake of any new members, I believe it would be best if any posts made before the beginning of February were not accessable. Thank you.

Also, reguarding RPing. The RP has been up and running for a while, but we have hit a large downtime with activity. Therefore, I am implementing a new "style" of RPing that will hopefully procure more activity and other such things.


We are no longer using the "Today I went to the park. I killed a pidgeon." format. Our new format will allow many more opportunities to roleplay with a lot more people, and this is how we are going to do it.

Use asterisks. A sample of post content by me would go something like this:

*Grumbles and puts away his homework.*
That assignment was full of shit. Ten pages on the discovery of cheese? How the hell is that gonna help me get anywhere? Not like... Hmph. Screw it.
*Leaves Shigure's house.* which one of you would reply in the same general format. For example:

--Tohru: *Sees him walking out of the house.* Hi Kyo!
---Kyo: *Glances over.* Hey, Tohru.
----Tohru: *Insert dialogue.*
-----Kyo: *Insert replying dialogue.*

Kapish? If you're still not clear on what to do, I am going to link you to an RP post from an outside RP I'm part of, where this system is used. It should hopefully help you understand what is going on. Please click here. Now, you'll notice that there are two comment groups. Usually when you are already RPing with someone, there is a chance someone else will comment back to your post in reply. IN THIS INSTANCE, PLEASE PUT THE WORD "TIMEWARP" SOMEWHERE IN YOUR COMMENT. You only need to do this one, for we will all understand. USE FIRST PERSON PRESENT TENSE. YOU ARE NOT WRITING A STORY, YOU ARE USING ASTERISKS.

When posting in your personal journals, please use the following format. I will not chase you down and feed your children to Voldemort the Winged Dragon of Ra Akito something evil if you don't follow it with every entry, but if it is a repeated problem then I will speak with you privately reguarding it. Feel free to read through everybody else's posts, as something important might happen and if anything does occur, you will probably need to know.

Before posting any actual content, please use ONLY one of the following formats. Please replace the text in parenthesis with whatever you want. Also, you only need to put this tagging system on your POST. You don't need it for comments, as if someone really wants to join in, they'll read the comments or I will hurt them.

Post your LOCATION. Example: [Location: Shigure's house, Kyo's room.]
Post your TAGS. Example: [Open to: Shigure, Yuki, Tohru]

Post your LOCATION. Example: [Location: Shigure's house, Kyo's room.]
Post your TAGS. Example: [Open to: Anyone, ATTN: Shigure, Yuki, Tohru.]

Post your LOCATION. Example: [Location: Shigure's house, Kyo's room.]
Post your TAGS. Example: [Open to: Tohru.]

REMEMBER, [Location: Shigure's house, Kyo's room.]
[Open to: Tohru]

means the same thing as

[Shigure's house, Kyo's room.]

and also

[Shigure's house, Kyo's room; Tohru.] as you see, the structure is not very linear. Feel free to bend it as you please, BUT MAKE SURE YOU POST IT.

If you are posting to write a letter, post a notice, put up an ad, or anything that does not require a specific location, put N/A in the location box. You are, however, free to tag anyone and everyone--or no one at all--to reply. When you tag somebody, you are asking them to reply to your post.

If the location changes in the middle of the post, or if you wish to open/close the post to certain people, please go back and edit the location like so. Again, replace the names and places with whatever you wish. To do this, employ the strike tag, aka RP!diety#27. Give Mr. Strike Tag a job by replacing the brackets with the greater than/less than signs. [s]blahblahblah[/s].

[Location: Shigure's house Kaibara High.]
[Open to: Tohru Anyone.]


[Shigure's house Kaibara High; Tohru Anyone.] get the point.

WHEN YOU WISH TO MAKE EVENT POSTS, LIKE A SCHOOL DANCE OR SOMETHING, you may post your thread to house_of_sohma. Otherwise, please keep all your roleplays to your personal journals. Posts will be moderated, and those that disreguard this notice will be deleted. You can keep your soul off of my dinner plate by following this notice. Yeah, remember when I said I'd consume your soul? I meant it.

I know some of you may not be very learn'd in the ways of LiveJournal. For that, I am going to make it very easy for you to friend people. If you need help updating or figuring something else out, please feel free to contact myself or any of the other moderators. We're here to help you have fun.

If you are on a slow connection or don't like individually adding everyone, make sure you are logged in and go to, and copy and paste the following:

friend add fireburnsorange
friend add whiteprinceyuki
friend add spring_appears
friend add __kagurasohma
friend add harutehmoo
friend add angstakito
friend add greatsenseimayu
friend add kuroiinu
friend add eiennoyuki
friend add dramatic_snake
friend add ritchansan
friend add _kazuma_san_
friend add n_doineed
friend add serenetiger
friend add sohma_kureno

Then hit "execute" - all of those will have been added to your friends list. I WILL GET ON YOUR CASE IF YOU DON'T FRIEND PEOPLE. If you don't friend people, you're missing the game.

Now, as this RPG is going to require some interaction, we need to know where everybody is living. Yes, yes - I know pretty much everything is laid out in the manga, but not all of it. For example, where the fuck in the Estate do Haru and Momiji live? Do they live near eachother or far away? Does Ayame live above his shop or at the Estate? You get my point. For that, I'm going to make a list of where everyone lives. I'm listing the ones I remember from the manga, but if you find an error or want to change something, post back here with "Living Arrangements" in the subject of your comment.

Shigure, Yuki, Tohru - Shigure's house.
Kyo - Shigure's house/Shishou's house.
Kagura and Rin - Sohma Estate, somewhere.
Akito, Kureno - main complex of the Sohma Estate.
Hatori - Sohma Estate, somewhere.
Kisa - Sohma Estate, somewhere.

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